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Renewable Energy – Air Source Heat Pump Technology

Green Energy and Climate Change

Renewable Energy – Air Source Heat Pump Technology EssexA major concern for governments internationally, and the population in general these days, is the issue of climate change and how to tackle it. Various measures have been introduced and made compulsory in many instances, designed to reduce production of carbon emissions. Governments have been under pressure to raise awareness, and financially support sources of renewable energy wherever possible.

There has been a significant push by governments and environmental organisations to promote the use of technology like air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar panels and other low carbon solutions. Air Source Heat Pumps [ASHP’s] have caught the imagination of the public due to their many advantages.

The Push for Sustainable Energy Production

The Climate Change Committee [CCC], along with other bodies and experts on the causes of climate change, maintain that the widespread transference from traditional forms of energy to sustainable sources cannot wait. They urge a greater take up within the population, of ASHP’s and other heat producing green technologies. This is essential if long term carbon emission reduction deadlines are to be met. Waiting until the 2030’s to integrate these technology options is unacceptable according to a 2016 report by the CCC.

Before planning permission is granted, all new build homes are required to demonstrate a commitment towards incorporating green energy and fuel saving technology. This is already in force and being put in place by architects and the construction industry. Between 2015 and 2020 we are expected to witness 200,000 ASHP installations throughout the UK, most of which will qualify for schemes like the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI].

Renewable Heat Incentive Updates

The theory that increased use of ASHP technology will prove a great advantage in the battle to reduce global warming, is supported by organisations like the National Grid. They state that 2020 targets will not be attained in the UK, if use of ASHP’s does not increase significantly. The Climate Change Act mandates emissions cuts of 80% by 2050, EU targets which still apply and are legally binding even after Brexit.

Schemes like the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI], encourage home and business owners to consider ASHP’s as a viable option. Baroness Neville-Rolfe, the minister involved in promoting this technology said during a speech at the Policy Exchange; “The public cares a lot about having homes which are warm. We all like to be comfortable. More than that, a warm home provides important health benefits, especially for the most vulnerable in our society”. She recently launched modifications to RHI scheme tariffs, which will make installing ASHP’s an even more attractive choice.

Energy Efficient Home Heating Systems

One of the main reasons for the popularity of ASHP systems is their low maintenance and pocket friendly running costs. They are very cost effective, and perform exceptionally well, even when the outside temperature is below freezing. They use air drawn from outside to provide hot water, heated radiators and underfloor heating. ASHP’s use some electricity or gas in order to function, but they produce significantly more energy than they use, representing 100% efficiency. All in all they deliver an environmentally friendly heating solution, especially in remote places which are off the grid.

When installed and maintained by specialists in heating, ASHP’s are exceptionally reliable, and Multi Building Services Ltd have completed a number of successful system installations. Ideal for any new build home, Samsung air source heat pumps provide innovative, high performance home heating.

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    Renewable Energy - Air Source Heat Pump Technology, Green Energy and Climate Change. The Push for Sustainable Energy, Renewable Heat Incentive Updates

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