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Marble, Terrazzo and Natural Stone Floor Maintenance & Repair

Lawrence & Co is the UK specialists in repair, cleaning, sealing and diamond polishing of natural stone flooring. We work with terrazzo, marble, mosaic, slate, granite, limestone and sandstone, bringing out the natural beauty of the stone and restoring stone floors and staircases to their former glory. Our domestic and commercial clients are found all over the UK and in Europe.

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Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone floors have a beauty that cannot be matched by synthetic products. Correctly laid and with the correct maintenance, care and cleaning, marble, granite and natural stone floors have a longevity that can be measured in centuries. Natural stone floors add elegance to any home and are a versatile feature of public and commercial buildings.

In 2014, Lawco will celebrate 50 years in the business of laying stone and terrazzo tile flooring. We train all our staff in-house to a standard that has been developed over those 50 years. Our attention to detail in tile fixing, grouting, grinding resealing and polishing is well rewarded through the levels of referrals, recommendations and repeat business we enjoy.

Domestic Floor Repair, Restoration and Installation

The installation of natural stone floors is both an art and a science and must be left to skilled and experienced fitters. Our advice to any home owner when seeking a company to install or refurbish natural stone floors is to ask for references and guarantees. In our experience the lowest quote is rarely the mark of a skilled craftsman and given the costs associated with stone flooring, the cheapest estimate often turns into an expensive mistake.

Lawco are skilled and experienced in installing new stone floors – increasingly popular with both new build homes and in larger conservatories – and in repairs and replacements to damaged stone flooring. We carry out fire and flood repairs, replacing cracked and broken tiles, cutting out joints and filling with synthetic resins. Carbon stone grinding, diamond polishing and sealing create a glass-like, hardwearing finish.

Commercial and Supermarket Flooring

Marble, Terrazzo and Natural Stone Floor Maintenance & RepairInstalling, repairing, and finishing stone floors for commercial and retail clients requires a specific set of skills – as well as the experience and specialist equipment for the task. Lawrence & Co offer three main services to commercial and industrial clients. We install natural stone floor in limestone, sandstone, terrazzo and marble. We are often called in to apply the finish to newly laid stone floors, and we offer a complete refurbishment and repair service to existing stone flooring. This includes:

  • Duct cover replacements and new ducts installed into floor slabs.
  • Repair of rawl bolt holes and screw hole damage.
  • Impact damage repairs.
  • Re-grouting of all joint lines, adding expansion strips, mat wells and duct covers.
  • In situ repairs, where precast tiles cannot be installed.
  • Repairs to ramp areas, stair treads and risers, stringers, skirting and wall finishes.
  • Resurface by stone grinding.
  • Reseal with saturate solutions of magnesium and zinc silicate fluorides to harden the slab and prevent erosion.
  • Polishing, using high speed equipment with salts, putty powders, crystalizers and waxes, to give a natural deep sheen.

Examples of our work in supermarkets and commercial premises can be found on our website.

Staircase Repairs

Stone staircases are usually designed so the tread sits on top of the riser and keyed into the wall on one side. A handrail is often drilled into the tread on the other side. Replacement of a single stone tread is often prohibitively expensive as it requires the deconstruction of a large part of the entire staircase. Lawco have developed specialist techniques for the repair, renovation and maintenance of stone staircase, including repair of cracks, gouges, holes, staining and impact damage.

Examples of our work in staircase repair includes recent projects carried out at Our Lady Catholic College, Lancaster, Cardinal Newman College, Preston and the Blue Coat School in Liverpool.

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We are always happy to discuss installation, repair and maintenance projects for natural stone floors and staircases. We can be contacted:

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