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Access platforms are one of the most important pieces of equipment within building and construction for all types of work at height in many industries. There are a variety of access types whether manual or powered, all of which have their own benefits. They make jobs a lot easier and faster while protecting the worker.

Snappy Tower Systems

Provide a larger, more stable work area than a short step ladder would when folded out, yet are still fairly close to the ground. These versatile platforms sometimes have safety rails, and are popular for painting and decorating jobs. Paint pots and tools may sit on these practical pieces of equipment, leaving hands free to work. They are generally able to support substantial weight, and can be folded neatly for transportation.

Stationary/Semi-Stationary Platforms

These platforms, often referred to as ‘access towers’, are similar in appearance to scaffolding, but consist of welded steel poles. They give an extremely sturdy surface to stand on when working at height. Some versions are stationary with a fixed height and others are semi stationary and can be adjusted to the desired height. Ideal for a wide range of tasks, they are quite tall and frequently have guard rails for safety.

Powered Access

Powered access equipment incorporates platforms like cherry pickers, boom lifts and scissor lifts. Starting at ground level they have an arm that can be raised or lowered to the required height. Awareness of safety is essential with this equipment, as they reach significant heights. Scissor lifts are commonly used in warehouses to reach stock or by window cleaners. Boom lifts and cherry pickers have a broader range of movement as opposed to simply up or down.

High quality powered or manual access platforms can be hired as and when needed from companies such as Rhino Plant Hire, and have been designed with health and safety in mind.

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