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If your planning a home redesign, why not consider creating an office in your property, meaning you can spend more time working in comfort. Whether self employed, or a commuter, more people are being given the option to work some of the time from home. This has a number of advantages for both employee and employer, saving money and adding convenience. People who have commitments at home, such as caring for a relative, may be able to negotiate being at home part or all of the time. Splitting work time between home and the office in places like South London and East London is a growing trend. This is usually where the work is computer or internet based, and not requiring them to be face to face with customers etc.

The arrangement is becoming more and more popular, as roads get busier leading to traffic jams. Employers can save money on heating and lighting office space too, not to mention workers are not spreading their cold and flu germs to one another. Some other advantages of working from home include:-

  • Employee retention – home working enables parents with childcare responsibilities to continue working.
  • Larger choice of applicants – people who are perhaps disabled could work from home.
  • Higher productivity – due to fewer interruptions and shorter commuting times.
  • Increased motivation – staff may experience reduced stress and sickness levels.
  • Financial benefits – less money spent on office space and facilities.
  • Added convenience – sales staff can be located near clients as opposed to in your premises.
  • Better work/life balance – employees working from home report improvements in health and well-being. 

You might even consider an extension of some kind, specifically for this purpose, there are many specialist companies who can advise, or plant hire companies should you fancy giving it a go yourself!


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