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The Beauty of Structural Steel

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You will find structural steel incorporated in just about every type of modern building or construction these days, due to it’s aesthetic appeal and adaptability. It is a cost effective, sustainable material and is durable, strong and recyclable, making it a popular choice within the construction industry.

Versatility is one of the key advantages with structural steel, allowing architects, designers and builders the freedom to create beautiful shapes within sturdy frameworks. It provides a more flexible solution, maximising space and light where desired. It’s nature and composition lends itself to being altered, and buildings can be easily refurbished or upgraded, perhaps with new fa├žades and other additions. Many multi storey buildings these days incorporate solar shading and green energy creation technologies which compliment the sustainable character of steel.

Precision manufactured steel is produced to the most exacting specifications, and offers consistently high quality standards, meaning excellent performance in the most challenging environments. Structural steel is highly resistant to extremes in weather, ensuring that structures stay safe and secure. It is exceptionally fire resistant, unaffected by mould or pests, and over 80% of steel can be reused time and again. Being strong and lightweight structural steel is perfect for building projects which feature ground breaking design. It can be crafted into a wide range of shapes and sizes, for stunning effects, and teamed with glass to deliver a striking and dynamic look.

Construction companies use steel components, as they save time with accuracy, speeding up processes and cutting out waste. Shorter construction time has wide reaching benefits including faster completion, earlier return on investments, reduced interest charges and limited disruption to roads and nearby buildings. A number of high profile structural steel projects undertaken by specialists Salford Engineering, include hospitals, nightclubs, schools, power stations, warehouses and homes. Give them a call on 0161 925 0170.

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