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Climate change and how to tackle or halt it, is a concern for most countries around the world and governments have introduced laws and guidelines to ensure this is achieved. Most people realise the seriousness of the current situation, and scientists now say that the pristine white landscape that is Antarctica, is turning green. Over the last 50 years the rate of plant growth and amount of moss in this area, has increased significantly, according to research. Moss in particular has experienced a rate of growth four to five times higher than it was pre-1950. Processes such as glacier retreat are also a problem, allowing more areas of ice-free land to emerge. The Antarctic Peninsular has warmed up rapidly in the 20th century, by around half a degree per decade.

These factors make it essential that measures such as the introduction, wherever possible, of renewable energy is practised. Governments and the population as a whole are urged to raise awareness about the issue of carbon emissions, and the need for green technology. One of these innovative technologies is the Air Source Heat Pump [ASHP], which has become extremely popular with many home owners.

These systems utilise outside air in order to provide heating and hot water, and are especially desirable to homes which are off grid. In fact new build properties are now required to show an intention in the planning stage, to incorporate a minimum amount of green technology into their design before planning permission is granted. ASHP’s are an ideal addition here, as they fulfil the criteria, and also save the home owner money. They are also eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] a government scheme which can benefit those who install systems such as air source heat pumps.

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