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In an ideal world, critical cooling and air conditioning systems would retain their temperature permanently, and never suffer from issues like malfunctions or overheating. Equipment used in places like hospitals, laboratories, IT rooms and milk processing facilities etc needs to be reliable and perform to the highest standards. Even the highest quality systems can start to flag or become unable to cope with exceptionally demanding processes. This can often lead to them becoming hot which presents a variety of serious problems.

One of the biggest causes of air conditioning and cooling systems failure is lack of service, care and maintenance, allowing dirt to build up. After all not many people would drive their vehicles around without performing regular tune ups, checks and oil changes, yet think nothing of forgetting about their air conditioning or cooling systems. Everybody knows that neglected cars produce negative results such as preventable breakdowns and expensive repairs, and air conditioning and cooling are no different.

You’ve heard the old saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and a twice yearly check up will help to avoid disasters, promote efficiency, and save you money in the long run. Making sure that this happens means optimum performance, reliability and a longer life for your equipment. In fact these systems last several years longer with regular maintenance, as well as functioning as intended. Warranties could also be compromised where equipment has not been regularly serviced and maintained by qualified technicians.

Emergency situations caused by failing equipment will disrupt a smoothly working system and render it useless, but this can be avoided by an ongoing process of service and maintenance. Marcold Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, have a team of highly qualified engineers, who will carry out all maintenance work safely and to the highest standards. Call them on 01253 – 839800.

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