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14 Garden Villages Announced

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The government recently announced the go ahead for England’s first self sustainable garden villages which will provide 48,000 homes. There are 14 village locations across the UK including places like Gilston and Harlow, Essex

The concept of garden villages, towns and cities has taken off in the last few years, due to a shortage of affordable housing coupled with the desire for a high quality living experience. This type of housing development is designed to provide a comprehensive solution rather than representing an extension to existing urban areas. When completed, the new villages, towns and cities proposed will produce 200,000 homes nationwide. Housing that first time buyers are able to afford is stipulated as are independent community facilities and a functional transport infrastructure. There is no ‘single model’ required but there must be provision of available jobs, GP surgeries, schools and shops to make the plan work. Innovation and local input will be encouraged in order that locations create their own identities.

The government has pledged funding of around £6m over two years, in order to deliver these building projects. The schemes in locations like Dunton Hills in Essex, are intended to enable young people on the bottom rung of the property ladder, to afford a home and live in the area in which they were brought up. Many cannot at present afford to do this, and are forced to seek a home outside of the local area at the risk of losing close family ties etc.

The first garden city appeared in Letchworth in 1904 designed by architects Raymon Unwin and Barry Parker. The garden city vision was originally thought up in 1898 by Ebenezer Howard, who conceived of the idea of garden cities surrounded by agricultural belts. The new developments will not only benefit those wishing to purchase homes and work in the vicinity, but will provide work for builders and other trades.

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