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5 Tips on Preparing your Home for Winter

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tree2Its that time of year again, where we think twice about not wearing a warm coat before venturing outside. But how much or how little to wrap up is not the only thing we need to consider as the weather changes. Before it gets too cold for comfort, the wise homeowner will be checking parts of the home that may be vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. These include a few obvious ones and some less so, but still important.

1. Roofs and Gutters

One of the most common problem areas is the roof which could suffer from wind, rain or snow damage. If you can easily and safely manage to access the roof yourself note whether there are any missing, cracked or broken tiles. Take a look at the chimney and see if there are any loose bricks or missing mortar points. If you have a TV aerial, make sure it is fixed securely. Gutters should be cleaned and any gaps or weak points identified and repaired or sealed. It is a good idea to do this more than once a year if trees are nearby, to prevent leaves, twigs and debris clogging gutters and drainpipes. Trees should also be trimmed to avoid these problems. Never climb a ladder that is not adequately secured, and if you have any doubts call in the professionals.

2. Insulation

Good loft and wall cavity insulation can save pounds on fuel bills, and there are a number of government led schemes which can subsidise this type of installation for many households. Look for draughty areas near doors and windows and insulate.

3. Boilers

Your boiler should be performing to the best standards possible if you want a functional, economic solution. A poorly maintained or faulty boiler not only uses more energy and costs more, but is likely to leak dangerous carbon monoxide. Have your boiler and perhaps central heating system checked by a Gas Safe engineer.

4. Chimneys

Chimneys and flues should be swept if you have an open fire or wood burner, as when wood burns, a sticky, flammable creosote can form on the inner walls of the chimney, adding the risk of ignition. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be working, and batteries replaced as soon as needed.

5. Wrap up Pipes

Rapid freezing and thawing can potentially lead to burst pipes, with the consequent damage to property and inconvenience, not to mention expense. Wrapping your pipes with insulation foam will help prevent this type of disaster, or at least make it extremely unlikely.

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