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AZ home signedWhenever you have any work done to your property, such as a new builds, redesigns, refurbishments, renovations, extensions or conversions, you will probably visualise the finished look. This is of course often the first thought, as you imagine yourself within that exciting new space. So how do you choose the eventual desired effect when you hit the decision making wall?

The sheer amount of style, theme and colour options can cause you to feel somewhat overwhelmed and uninspired. Apparently this is a syndrome called ‘decision fatigue’ and leads to a form of mental exhaustion. It can result in recklessness, impulsively picking anything with no thought of consequences or problems. Either that or you may become paralysed and unable to think or act let alone make a sensible informed decision. These days there is no limit to the variety of interior design choices available, we are bombarded with contemporary trends, traditional beauty, rustic charm and fantastic futuristic designs. Is it best to have an overall theme, or a change of individual style in each room? Should your home be chic, stunning, imposing, playful, humorous or a heady mix of all?


Many interior designers agree that the first thing you need to concentrate on is the outcome you wish to achieve. Once you have a clear focus the search for perfection becomes less troublesome. There are certain ways to decorate and embellish each room which will ensure a permanently versatile solution. In the bedroom for instance, whichever look you choose, a glamorous and sophisticated set of bedding such as the Kylie Minogue At Home range available from Angelina’s Curtains and Bedding will fit the bill. Gorgeous colours, patterns and fabrics adorned with diamant√©, pearls and sequins will finish any style of boudoir. Matching curtains can also be found to complete the overall design.

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