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indexNot only are air source heat pumps a great way to lower your fuel bills by producing your own clean energy, but you could even receive payments for every kW of energy you produce. This pioneering Government scheme, the first of its kind worldwide, rewards people who install and use renewable technology. The Renewable Heat Incentive [RHI] scheme was introduced in 2011, and is one of a number of measures intended to encourage use of green alternatives to fossil fuel. Since the introduction of the RHI scheme, there have been a number of adjustments made in order to provide the best customer friendly solution. The RHI scheme is part of a package intended to enable the target of renewable energy sources accounting for 12% of all heating.

Renewable heating system installations have increased throughout the UK, particularly air source heat pumps which use air from outside which is then converted into heat for warmth and hot water within the home. Their undeniable popularity can be attributed to their association with lower bills, clean, environmentally friendly energy, and the fact that they provide eligibility to benefit from the RHI scheme. The scheme process involves three basic steps which are:-

Installing your air source heat pump or whichever renewable heating system you prefer.
Discovering how much heat the system is producing.
Receiving your RHI payment depending on how much energy is produced and the type and size of your equipment.

Both domestic and non-domestic systems can gain from this scheme, provided your renewable system satisfies certain criteria. The Energy Saving Trust website states that new requirements will come into effect on 5 October 2015, and Air Source Heat Pumps:-

Should produce heat by the process of absorbing energy stored as heat in the outside air.
Must not be designed for cooling or utilising heat which has been expelled from a building or from a process that creates heat.
Must present a CoP of at least 2.9.
Must have a design SPF of at least 2.5.
Electrical input to the heat pump system must be accurately measured.

Households, businesses, care homes, hospitals, farmers, schools, colleges, landlords and more are now using the RHI scheme and getting attractive returns.
At Multi Building Services Ltd, we are committed to providing a heightened customer experience, along with a responsible approach where reduction of the carbon footprint is concerned.

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