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At Multi Building Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on our ability to identify companies who are reliable, professional and who, like ourselves, put their customers first.

Our web promotion partners Pool Maintenance Ltd, are just such a company, offering a high quality service and promoting best practice within their area of expertise. Pool Maintenance Ltd are specialists with an enviable reputation in swimming pool maintenance, water treatment and balance tank cleaning. The importance of swimming pool cleanliness cannot be underestimated, and processes like filtration, chemical dosing and balance tank cleaning are crucial to the health and safety of anybody using them.


Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas & E-Coli are recognised issues, and can grow quickly in places like pool balance tanks and filters. The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group [PWTAG], advise that balance tanks should be cleaned and inspected every 12 months. Bio film build up can also be an expensive complication, leading to corrosion of metal surfaces, and scale build up on heat exchangers will result in less effective heating of water. These are just a few of the problems which can arise from insufficient cleaning and servicing. Pool Maintenance Ltd, are the experts in every kind of pool management and are experienced in all aspects of pool hygiene and water quality. Pool Maintenance Ltd, is Construction Line approved and CHAS accredited, and their operatives are also qualified in First Aid, CSCS and CSTS. Not only do Pool Maintenance Ltd maintain and clean a vast range and types of pools, they also manufacture, install and commission swimming pool water treatment systems. Whether private or public, Pool Maintenance Ltd provide a comprehensive service for customers with Hot Tubs, Spas, Leisure Centres, Health Club Pools, Hospital Therapy Pools, Special Needs, Schools Pools, Hotels, Hotel Pools, Jacuzzis and Equine Therapy Pools.


Pool Maintenance Ltd are constantly updating their services in reaction to customer demand, and this includes things like service and maintenance of the swim spa at the Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital. Bespoke saunas, steam rooms and tranquillity rooms have recently grown the client base in addition to canine pools servicing.


Customer satisfaction is a priority with Pool Maintenance Ltd, and great care is taken to avoid any disruption to customers or their facilities, while work is carried out. The team are happy to work out of hours in order to ensure a smooth and fast result.

If you need advice or help on any aspect of your swimming pool or pool equipment don’t hesitate to call Pool Maintenance Ltd on 01457 765533 or 07748 908201


Bacteria, Legionnaires, Pseudomonas& E-ColiPrevention. Prevention of Bio-Film Causing Corrosion. Full servicing of filtration and chemical dosing systems including UV. NDT Testing


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