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Natural Stone Floor Repairs, Renovations and Refurbishments

Essex-based Multi Building Services recently welcomed Lawrence & Co to the the marketing pages of our website. Lawrence & Co are perhaps the UK’s leading company specialising in natural stone flooring. Soon to be celebrating 50 years in the business, Lawrence & Co are expert installers, repairers and renovators of all types of stone flooring including terrazzo, marble, granite, limestone, Welsh slate and mosaic.

Lawrence & Co work throughout the UK and in Europe, Their clients include home owners, heritage buildings and commercial customers. Expertly installed and correctly maintained, natural stone flooring has a beauty that can’t be matched and is a practical and hard wearing material with a lifetime that can be measured in centuries.

Natural stone flooring is increasingly popular in many retail outlets. Lawrence & Co are able to install all types of natural stone flooring. They have also developed many techniques for applying a perfect finish to natural stone floors, an example of which is diamond polishing which creates a sparkling glass-like finish to stone floors.

Natural stone is also desirable in the home. Kitchens, bathrooms, entrance halls and conservatories are made more beautiful by terrazzo, marble  or slate flooring. Stone flooring can be expensive which is why it is important to find the right company with the skills and experience for job.

One set of skills perfected by Lawrence & Co is the repair and restoration of stone staircases. Because of the design of stone staircases it can be prohibitively expensive to replace damaged stone treads. Lawrence & Co are able to repair stone treads, matching colour and style to give a perfect finish.

More information on natural stone flooring is available on the Lawrence & Co page on our website or visit them at

Natural Stone Floor Repairs, Renovations and Refurbishments

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