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In a new article on the partner pages of our website, Multi Building Services friends and Essex neighbours – Optic Control Ltd – remind us how far technology has progressed in a generation.

For those of us in our prime, we can still remember the days of music on vinyl and televisions without remote controls. While there may be a lingering nostalgia about records, needles and turntables, the tv remote remains a thing of beauty.

Brentwood based Optic Control Ltd have taken the idea of the remote control and run with it. By networking all your video, audio, gaming and on-line content through a single data system they can give you complete control over music, film, television and gaming through an easy to use touchscreen control. In fact, those clever people at Optic Control Ltd can take it further than that.

Optic Control give you the power to remotely control all aspects of your environment. Mood lighting at the touch of button – or tablet or smartphone app. They can divide you home into ‘lighting zones’, each individually controllable. They can design and installĀ security systems to your network allowing you to monitor your home when you are not there and control access to your home from the comfort of your armchair.

With domestic, commercial and industrial applications, Optic Control Ltd take their expertise wherever it is needed. For hospitals, hotels and housing blocks they can install Integrated Reception Systems giving multi-user television control from a single satellite and aerial. IRS and Satellite Master Antenna Systems drive down costs while improving the environment.

From state of the art commercial security systems to next generation home cinema, Optic Control Ltd have the world at the fingertips.

For further information check out the Optic Control page on our website or visit them at

Home Entertainment & Security System Design & Installation in Essex

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